Admissions Waiting List Application 2024 - 2025 School Year
Entheos Academy - Kearns
Entheos Academy - Magna
Admissions Waiting List Application Instructions
  • To apply for a spot at Entheos: Choose the desired school year and campus, then click on the correct link above. Fill out the admissions waiting list application.
  • Your child's name will then be put on a list. All students on the list by February 28th will have the same chance of being selected, regardless of when their name was added. On March 1st, all names that have been submitted to the admissions waiting list will be put into the lottery (in simplified terms they'll be jumbled up and pulled out of a virtual hat). Each child on the list will receive a number based on the order that their name was drawn.
  • When there are openings, we contact the families on the top of the list and offer them spots in our school. At that point, all names remaining on the list move up. All students that we were not able to offer a spot to will remain on the waiting list. If additional openings come up, we'll use the waiting list to offer spots based on the order they were chosen in the lottery.
  • Once a student is offered a spot at Entheos, their siblings are moved to a preferential waitlist. When there's an opening, names will be pulled from the sibling list before the general waitlist.
  • After the lottery has taken place (March 1st) or for the current school year: Click on the appropriate link to add your student's name to the end of the waitlist.
Intent to Return Entheos Academy: 2024 - 2025 School Year